Logo Vectorizing for Screen Printing

A problem I hear of a lot from potential clients, is that they only have their logo in a low resolution format. Or worst yet, I don’t even hear it, I am just sent a logo ripped straight out of a website, and asked to create shirts with it.

Just recently, a friend asked that I create shirts for his business Rebath – Bathroom Remodeling. He only had a low resolution .jpg, but needed vectors that could be used for his t-shirt design, as well as camera-ready art for an assortment of vendors (everything from business cards and letterhead, to vinyl graphics on his companies trucks, and signage for his storefront.

Of course, I could have sent him to one of those site on the web that offer to vectorize your artwork for $100, and then provide you with some half-assed file that has been traced with Illustrator. Instead, I offered to the vectorize the logo for him. Now he has an assortment of files, in vector format, that can be used for anything from his website, to billboard advertisements.

So, now I am wondering, do others really require this service, and if so, what are you willing to pay for this? I would to hear your thoughts! Post links to other sites that offer this service, and I will try to match the lowest price that can be found.

Also, feel free to contact me if you are in need of logo vectorizing.

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