Silk Screen Printing – Top 10 Resources

Success in creating your own t-shirts or screen printed items can depend a lot on getting the details just right. The following resources looks at the different techniques available in designing and creating memorable t-shirts, that you can be proud of.

  1. No Media Kings

  2. No Media KingsThis is a great walk through on silkscreen preparation and printing for t-shirts and posters. If there is resource you want to save (besides, it is this one.

  3. Stencil Revolution

  4. Stencil RevolutionThis tutorial deals with printing up low cost t-shirts with stencils using paint. There are many ways to print stencils up on shirts, silk screens etc, but this is the cheapest and easiest.

  5. Fecal Face

  6. Fecal FaceAnother great tutorial for creating your own t-shirts.

  7. CraftGrrl

  8. CraftGrrlThis tutorial looks at a cheap alternative to traditional screen printing. A great tutorial for learning the basics of screen printing

  9. Instructables

  10. InstructablesHow to reuse old picture frames and curtains to make screens, burn them in the sun, and clean them with a garden hose.

  11. T-shirt Forums

  12. T-shirt ForumsOnline discussion forum for the t-shirt industry. You can learn more about starting a t-shirt business, share tips and experiences,, get help from your peers, as well as network with others.

  13. Dakini

  14. DakiniThis online demonstration will show you one method of silk screening onto silk. This method is used to screen print gutta resist onto the silk to prepare it for painting. This way it is faster and easier to reproduce multiple original wall hangings or scarves.

  15. Reuels

  16. ReuelsGeared towards screen printing with the Speedball products, this set of instructions is very thorough in covering all aspects of screen printing techniques and troubleshooting.

  17. EHow

  18. EHowHow to Make Hand-Drawn Positives for Multiple-Color Silk Screen Printing

  19. SilkscreenBiz

  20. SilkscreenBizA quick explanation of color separations.

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