Summer Fun – Free Fonts for Designers

The other day, a colleague of mine, told me about some free fonts I should check out.

Well, as a professional designer, and admitted font whore, I am generally fairly skeptical about free fonts. I have played the free font game for years, seldomly finding ones that I like, let alone use. So when I heard about these fonts, I wasn’t really chompin’ at the bit to look them over. But being recommended by a friend and colleague, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to take a few minutes and look through the collection, and who knows.. maybe I would find one I like, or at the least can manipulate into something suitable.

Well, not only did I find one I liked, I found 20…..

I was so impressed with these, that I decided to share them with you guys. Now, while the majority of these fonts would be classified as grunge. I felt that there was a solid level of quality to each font. Take some time and check these out and use them in your next t-shirt design.

Misprinted Type
Check it out!

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