Hi-res Pattern Appreciation

Elegant Star Pattern Pack

Elegant Star Pattern Pack
While I created this site to focus on Silk Screening and the more complex methods used to create quality printed work, the most popular content to date has been the Photoshop patterns that I released. And even though this was just a low resolution set, the quality was recognized and downloads have continued to be steady throughout the months. Along with the free download, the high-res pattern pack was met with similar enthusiasm, and for low price of $4.99, has been a steady seller.

Well, to mark our 5000th download of the free pattern pack, and as a THANK YOU to all the people who have visited Screensilk.com and have used the patterns in their own work, I am releasing the full Hi-Res Pattern pack for absolutely FREE.
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Using Photoshop to create frameable art from cell phone photos.

Have you ever taken a photo on your cell phone, and loved it, but once you had a chance to view it on your computer, or printed it out, you realized it was blurry, pixilated and looked like crap? What if I told you, you could turn that crappy image, into a high res, printable piece of art? This is definitely worth the look….
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