Screen Printing Information and Tutorials

Beautiful stenciled t-shirt design with bleach

We have all seen bleach stenciled t-shirt tutorials before, but it is not often to see one that features such a terrific and well executed design. Check it out

Logo Vectorizing for Screen Printing

A problem I hear of a lot from potential clients, is that they only have their logo in a low resolution format. Or worst yet, I don’t even hear it, I am just sent a logo ripped straight out of a website, and asked to create shirts with it. Just recently, a friend asked that […]

Tshirt Printing with Stencils

There is a great tutorial over on The tutorial covers, printing the design to butcher paper, cutting out the design, ironing on the stencil, and inking the design with screen printing ink. Worth a look, and save it to your bookmarks. Check it out at here

Summer Fun – Free Fonts for Designers

The other day, a colleague of mine, told me about some free fonts I should check out. Well, as a professional designer, and admitted font whore, I am generally fairly skeptical about free fonts. I have played the free font game for years, seldomly finding ones that I like, let alone use. So when I […]